50’s career blew up when he came back from the dead to taunt JA Rule: How 50 CENT BULLIES His Enemies And Celebrities | HO

50’s career blew up when he came back from the dead to taunt JA Rule: How 50 CENT BULLIES His Enemies And Celebrities | HO

In this video we’ll tell you how 50 Cent trolls celebrities, let’s go!


50 Cent says he’s no snitch.

On Monday (Feb. 17), 50 appeared on Rap Radar’s Cigar Talk to discuss all of his latest business endeavors, and the “snitch” allegations Ja Rule levied on Fif since the early days of their long-standing feud came up. While sharing a little of what to expect in one of the upcoming Power spinoffs, Powerbook III: Raising Kanan, 50 tied the convo into the allegations and asserted that it’s all cap.

“Raising Kanan is coming ’89/’90. That’s the Golden Era. That’s the era where niggas get knocked and they just go, ‘Give me my time. I don’t give a fuck what you talking about.’ They ain’t telling on nobody!” 50 said on what to expect from the upcoming prequel. “‘Cause if you telling, you can’t even look forward to going home. Where you going after you get out? The neighborhood ain’t accepting that! ‘Bitch ass nigga we heard you’s a rat!’ You know what I’m saying like that? They say these things when they want to talk their beef with me, personally.”

50 Cent Addresses Ja Rule's Snitching Allegations - XXL
50 went on to question if he really was a snitch or an informant, why is he being labeled as a bully?

“My character—they try to attack my character. They’ll say, ‘He a rat’ or, ‘He this, this and that.’ All you gotta do is ask them who I told on?” Fif added “I ain’t never told on no nigga in my life. In the situation—look at his case. It’ll tell you who told on him. My name ain’t in that case. You see what I’m saying? They tried to use that I needed an order of protection, but why it feels like I’m the bully out here then? YOU needed protection, nigga. And your protection gone! That’s the truth! Niggas will try to put a spin on anything to try to make it look good and then when you get in disputes with younger artists, they don’t know what to use against you so they use what someone else used. So they go back and they go, ‘Oh you this!'”

He added that he wasn’t offended when Meek Mill and French Montana both used the accusations against him in their more recent beefs, because they didn’t know better.

“You heard it when Meek was talking shit, you heard it when French was talking shit and it’s like, I don’t take offense to it when they do it because I know what they’re doing,” 50 added. “I took offense where it actually started and you never see—let Jimmy Henchman tell you I’m a snitch. Let Preme tell you I’m a snitch. Just say it one time. Because Jimmy been snitching since 1942!”

TMZ previously reportedly confirmed with law enforcement sources that the paperwork French used to “prove” 50 was a snitch was fake.

Before changing the subject, 50 made mention that the liquor has him talking more. He then added one last note.

“Check the paperwork. Jimmy’s the rat.”

You can watch 50 Cent’s full interview for yourself below. The Ja Rule convo happens around the 19-minute mark.

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