Rihanna ‘dresses up as a BUSH’ in a look that’s ‘SO WEIRD’ even she can’t pull it off | HO

Rihanna ‘dresses up as a BUSH’ in a look that’s ‘SO WEIRD’ even she can’t pull it off | HO

Rihanna can pull off anything, (well we thought) but her recent look for Fenty x Puma may have gone a little bit too far, as she poses as a bush. Or so, we think.

The music star attended the launch of her new Fenty x PUMA trainer collab in London on Wednesday, celebrating the new Puma Creeper Phatty Earth Tone sneakers, in Earthy colors. It explains the ‘weird’ photoshoot, but it seems like Rihanna fans still weren’t on board.

FENTY x PUMA Creeper Phatty Earth Tone Launch Party - Arrivals

Photo by Neil Mockford/WireImage

Rihanna wears ‘leaves’ for her new photoshoot

In the new photoshoot for the brand, the star can be seen in a natural environment, but instead of hiding in the bushes, she’s wearing them.

The pictures, currently circulating on X, formerly known as Twitter, show the mother of two laying on the grass, wearing a bunch of leaves as a top.

In another photo, she can be seen standing on a tire as a green plant covers her body. Not the glam we’re used to, and it seems like fans can’t get behind this one.

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“No, please. She’s been having really weird photo shoots,” wrote one.

A second joked: “Looks like one of those America’s Next Top Model photoshoots.”

“Why does she look like Swamp Thing??” another user questioned.

“Doing anything but going to the studio,” said another referring to her extremely long hiatus from music.

However, it wasn’t all bad, some fans still thought she pulled off the unique look. I love this concept ’cause it’s Rihanna,” said one.

The star teases a new album – AGAIN

Forever getting our hopes up, but never updating her Spotify. After not releasing an album since 2016, you’d think the Navy (fans) would have given up hope by now. But they haven’t, and with all the cheeky hints, can you blame them?

In February, Rihanna’s partner A$AP Rocky told fans the star was working on new music after an eight-year hiatus, however, they were hesitant on whether to believe him or not. They’d been let down one too many times!

Now, the Umbrella star has commented herself, and apparently, both she and Rocky have material ready to use.

“Any plans to have RZA and Riot on your upcoming album?” Entertainment Tonight sneakily asked. “It’s up to them,” the star responded. “I already got stuff that I feel like I can make hits out of,” she revealed as the interviewer couldn’t contain her excitement.

“Me and Rocky are figuring out who’s going to use what because it’s so good!”

We would get excited, but we’re scared to get our hopes up yet again!

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