Steve Harvey DISS Shannon Sharpe Mo’Nique & Katt Williams Club Shay Shay Interviews “BEEF” – MUST SEE | HO

Steve Harvey DISS Shannon Sharpe Mo’Nique & Katt Williams Club Shay Shay  Interviews “BEEF” MUST SEE

In today’s video, we’re diving into the ongoing discussions in the comedy world, highlighted by Steve Harvey’s comments following mentions of him by Mo’Nique and Cat Williams in their respective interviews on Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay. Harvey expressed his thoughts on the state of comedy and the notion of “comedy beefs,” which he feels are being used by some as a way to regain the spotlight, rather than focusing on the art of making people laugh. He emphasizes that real comedy isn’t about conflicts but about delivering joy to audiences.

Moreover, Harvey reflects on the principles of his comedy career, where he’s consistently been a headliner since 1995. He recalls an incident involving Chris Tucker where, despite a contract mix-up, they resolved the situation amicably, showcasing the professional respect between comedians.

Additionally, Harvey addressed the concept of karma in life events, stressing that not everything negative that happens is a result of karma; sometimes, it’s just life unfolding. He criticizes the quick judgments people make and the sensationalism often seen online, urging people to understand that life includes challenges that test faith and build character.

Finally, Harvey comments on the cultural dynamics within the entertainment industry, observing that destructive conflicts seem more prevalent among certain groups and calls for unity and a return to more positive interactions.

Mo’Nique and Cat Williams recently announced a joint tour, which might have prompted Harvey’s remarks, considering both had mentioned him in a less than favorable light. This development adds another layer to the ongoing dialogue in the comedy scene about legacy, respect, and the evolution of the art form. Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and don’t forget to like and subscribe for more insights like this.


Katt Williams Blasts ‘Mr. Potato Head’ Steve Harvey and ‘Walrus’ Cedric the Entertainer for Conspiring Against Him

Katt Williams alleges that two Kings of Comedy aren’t up to par with him.

The comedian and actor guested on a new episode of Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay podcast, where he immediately got into the antics, dissing Steve Harvey and Cedric the Entertainer just minutes in. In reference to a previous Club Shay Shay episode, at around the 4:20 minute mark, the Emmy-winner claimed that Cedric stole his material. The topic began when Katt called comedian and radio personality Rickey Smiley a liar for suggesting that he was supposed to play Money Mike in the 2002 film Friday After Next while Williams was supposed to take the Santa Claus role.

“Cedric did the same thing. Cedric told you when you asked him, ‘Did you steal Katt Williams’ joke?’ He said, ‘It don’t line up,'” Williams alleged. “How it don’t line up that I did it on TV in 2018? You came to see me at the Comedy Store do it in 2019, and then did it on The Kings of Comedy?'”

“What doesn’t line up? This is a televised joke that Mark Curry helped me punch up and get to the level that it was,” Williams added, namedropping the former Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper star.

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Williams then called out Harvey, insinuating that the Family Feud host plagarized Curry’s role as Mark Cooper on The Steve Harvey Show.

“The same Steve that went to go watch Mark Curry do his whole sitcom and then stole everything Mark Curry had. Now Steve got a sitcom where he the principal, and he wear a suit. And then he gets this high-top fade, making all Black men think he got the best lineup in the business. And it’s a man unit.”

“Then you ask him, ‘Why you not a movie star?’ ‘I didn’t want to be a movie star,'” Williams continued, mimicking Harvey. “This the same negro that hated on Bernie [Mac] with this same thing.”

Williams then asserted that Harvey “couldn’t be a movie star.” “There are 30,000 new scripts in Hollywood every year. Not one of them asked for a country bumpkin Black dude that can’t talk good […] and look like Mr. Potato Head. There ain’t none. You have to have range.”

Assuring Sharpe that he wasn’t inebriated, Williams doubled back on Cedric, saying that the Barbershop actor looks like a “walrus” and that he isn’t multi-talented, therefore not living up to his ‘Entertainer’ title. “We found out he can’t sing, can’t dance and doesn’t write jokes,” Williams said. “He did four comedy specials. They’re so bad, Shannon, they’re not available on Netflix or Tubi.”

Saying that “the world doesn’t think” Cedric’s a good comedian, Williams compared his 12 comedy specials to Cedric’s four that aren’t available for streaming. “Winners are not allowed to allow losers to rewrite history,” Williams declared. “I don’t say any of these things if my name is not breached by these people on your platform.”

When asked about his relationships with Cedric, Harvey and Smiley, Williams claimed that the three have formed an alliance aganist him. “For 30 years, they’re a group. These aren’t three random guys,” he said. “The way that Rickey Smiley kept appearing at all my auditions is because of Steve and Ced. He would tell anybody that. Listen, they got a gang on that side. They know what it is.”

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Cedric appeared on Club Shay Shay last January, where he denied Williams’ theft allegations, saying that he’d seen the comedian “30 times” before and nothing about the particular joke was said.

Cedric has since responded on Instagram to Williams’ sitdown with Sharpe, calling Williams’ remarks “corny af” and “revisionist history.”

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