TK Kirkland: Kim Kardashian was Sleeping with Everyone, It Broke Kanye – WATCH (HO)

TK Kirkland: Kim Kardashian was Sleeping with Everyone, It Broke Kanye – WATCH (HO)

Kim Kardashian Responds to Kanye West Dating After Pete Davidson Split – StyleCaster

I wouldn’t judge her for her past, but I would think she changed her ways after having kids. Being a mother should change you. What disgusts me about Kim is that as soon as she files for divorce she’s already having s~x. She’s a s~x fiend, which is fine. But after having FOUR kids, she should start behaving like a mom. Not like Kimmy the s~x tape vixen. Know what i mean? Kids need at least 1 of 2 parents to be a role model.

In recent interviews, Kim Kardashian made headlines by acknowledging the pivotal role the infamous sex tape with Ray J played in catapulting her family to fame and kick-starting the phenomenon that is “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” While some may find it controversial, there’s no denying the truth in her statement.

Indeed, everything for the Kardashian-Jenner clan seemed to stem from that initial scandalous tape. It served as the launching pad for their reality TV empire, thrusting them into the spotlight in a way that no amount of money or connections could have achieved. In a way, it was the catalyst for their unprecedented rise to fame.

Kim’s mention of Kanye West in this context adds another layer to the narrative. Kanye, who became Kim’s husband, is a figure of significance in both her personal and public life. Some might argue that he couldn’t have been truly happy with someone who gained notoriety through such means. Dating someone like Kim Kardashian requires a certain level of understanding and acceptance of her past, and Kanye, being a public figure himself, must have faced his own set of challenges in navigating their relationship.

Kanye West claims he 'caught' Kim Kardashian having affair with Chris Paul  | Daily Mail Online

(Kanye West claims he ‘caught’ Kim Kardashian having affair with Chris Paul)

There’s a distinction drawn between regular guys and those who can handle the complexities of being with someone like Kim Kardashian. She’s not your typical girl next door, and her lifestyle, fame, and past experiences demand a different kind of partner. Kanye’s acceptance of Kim, despite her past, speaks volumes about his character and the depth of their connection.

Kim’s journey from a sex tape scandal to becoming a billionaire mogul is a testament to her resilience and business acumen. While some may criticize her for her past choices, it’s undeniable that she’s carved out a successful career for herself, independent of her initial infamy.

The discussion also touches upon the societal double standards regarding women’s sexuality and how they’re perceived. Kim’s past actions are scrutinized and judged, while men who engage in similar behaviors often face little to no consequences.

Kanye’s reaction to Kim’s past, as hinted in the interview, may have contributed to their relationship dynamics and eventual separation. It’s suggested that his behavior, such as his presidential run and public outbursts, might have been influenced by the complexities of their relationship.

However, despite any bitterness or turmoil, there’s a sense of hope and well-wishing for both Kim and Kanye. Ultimately, what everyone desires in life, regardless of fame or fortune, is peace of mind. And in the midst of all the chaos and drama, it’s hoped that both Kim and Kanye find that inner peace and fulfillment, even if their paths have diverged.


The couple’s relationship hit several rough patches in recent years.

In July, West tweeted that he had been considering divorcing his wife since 2018, when she paired up with the rapper Meek Mill to work on criminal-justice reform.

“I’ve been trying to get divorced since Kim met with Meek at the Warldolf for ‘prison reform,’” West wrote.

That was part of a series of later-deleted tweets in which he also referred to his mother-in-law, Kris Jenner, as “Kris Jong-Un.”

In December, an anonymous source told E News that the couple weren’t spending much physical time together and were “focused on the things that are important to them.”

Kardashian West has focused on studying the law and working on social-justice issues, having helped several people receive sentence commutations, including Momolu Stewart and Alice Marie Johnson. West ran for president in 2020 as a third-party candidate.

“Kim and Kanye are doing their own thing. They spend a lot of time apart,” the source said, adding: “She lets him go off and be who he is. It is what it is.”

Kim Kardashian Shares Christmas Eve Family Photo

The source also mentioned that they’re “still a family” and “come together” for their kids — North, 7; Saint, 5; Chicago, 2; and Psalm, 1.

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