Breaking News : Quavo Cries On IG LIVE After Losing To Chris Brown In Rap Battle

Quavo was on Instagram Live, visibly upset after losing a rap battle to Chris Brown.

Early in the morning, he shared his thoughts, seemingly in pain, while addressing his fans.

He was visibly frustrated, possibly more so than Meek Mill after his publicized defeat to an R&B artist.


The defeat ended the beef between Quavo and Chris Brown, as Chris Brown decided not to respond to Quavo’s latest diss track.

Although Quavo was disappointed, he has other projects on his plate. He recently starred in a new movie that came out three days ago and is about to open a new restaurant called V12.

The concept of “popcorn shrimp” will be a unique twist, offering actual popcorn alongside shrimp.

Chris Brown, on the other hand, has continued to work on his music.

He dropped a new track the same day and made an appearance on a new episode of a show produced by Jui.


Despite the public beef and online drama, both Quavo and Chris Brown continue to focus on their careers.



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