Cameron Brink’s Message After ACL Injury for $1.07 Billion Worth Brand Might Give Hope to Fans Around LA Sparks Star’s Return

The 6 ft 3 in forward has a very interesting development for her well-wishers. Evidently, her rehabilitation period is turning out to be quite a delight. Cameron Brink recently shared a story where she can be seen strolling without any difficulties. Tagging popular lifestyle brand Revolve, the 22-year-old showcased her outfit by the brand with her leg braces in her hand rather than her kneecap.

“no acl? no prob,” she captioned the story, conveying that despite the need for the accessory after ACL surgery, the brand managed to keep her look chic. But in doing so, Brink also hinted that she was recovering well enough to go without the braces for a while.

The LA Sparks star rookie has been out of action for the Sparks since June 18. In LA’s fixture against the Connecticut Sun, she tore her ACL that has also comprised her position in the 3×3 squad for the Paris Olympics. In addition to this, she is also forced to sit on the sidelines for no less than 7 games now.

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Nonetheless, her time off the court has been quite eventful. Her latest interaction with a popular sports entity provides further proof of that.

Cameron Brink gets herself a legendary experience

The LA Sparks hosted the Commissioner’s Cup champs the Minnesota Lynx on Tuesday evening. In spite of their 67-82 loss, there is no short of some star-studded support for the home team. As it turns out, the 9,533 present at the Arena not only had Cameron Brink in attendance but also was graced with the presence of 3x Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn.

Seemingly, Cameron Brink is seen embracing the arrival of the former World Cup alpine ski racer with a warm hug. The official Instagram page of the LA Sparks shared the clip of this charming meet-up.

There is no denying that fans are eagerly awaiting Cameron Brink’s comeback on the hardwood. Her recent activities are a great source of elation for so many of her supporters. On top of that, the franchise can really utilize her skills given its current standings in the league. How early can we expect to exhibit her talent? Only time will tell.

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