Sha’Carri Richardson vs. Angel Reese: Track and Field Community Gives Verdict on Who Has More Clout—‘Not Even Close’

LSU’s female athletes are emblazoning their NIL firebrand pioneer Olivia Dunne on their chests and marching forward to glory. Forbes’ prestigious 30 under 30 for the sports industry features two individuals from LSU last year: basketball sensation Angel Reese, and former LSU track standout Sha’Carri Richardson. Richardson secured her the NCAA title in the 100 meters during her brief tenure at LSU, clocking in at an impressive 10.75 seconds. Reese, on the other hand, propelled the LSU women’s basketball team to a national championship in her debut season, earning herself not only accolades but also lucrative endorsement deals and even a spot in the coveted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Yet, beyond their athletic achievements, their stories of perseverance through ups and downs resonate deeply with people, sparking conversations about their enduring impact and inspiring countless others on their own journeys. In a recent post on X, by Track Spice, a question was posed: “Who has more clout, Angel Reese or Sha’Carri Richardson?” Fans wasted no time chiming in with their diverse perspectives and opinions on the matter.

In 2023, Sha’Carri Richardson became known as the “fastest woman” after winning the women’s 100m title at the Track and Field World Championships in Budapest, Hungary, with a time of 10.65 seconds. She also anchored Team USA to victory in the women’s 4x100m relay, setting a new championship record of 41.03 seconds. However, at the age of just 24, she’s ranked fifth in the world for the 100m, with Flo-Jo holding the top spot with a record of 10.49 set 35 years ago. In the 200m category, as of June 8th, 2024, Richardson ranks 30th, with a time of 21.92 seconds in the world.

However, Sha’Carri Richardson’s journey to the Tokyo Olympics captivated the nation. Despite her blazing 10.86-second 100-meter time, securing her spot on the U.S. track team, she tested positive for THC metabolites, which sparked controversy and disappointment, also leading her to a 1-month suspension. This made her miss the Tokyo Olympics.

Her absence from the Olympics only seemed to fuel her fame, despite her disqualification. Richardson, after accepting a one-month ineligibility period and completing a counseling program, returned to the track in 2023 as though she had never left. In 2024, at the Prefontaine Classics in Eugene, Richardson made her mark in her first 100m race of the season, crossing the finish line in 10.83 seconds. She is the favorite for the Paris Olympics. Meanwhile, Angel Reese, equally influential and accomplished in basketball, continues to shine in her own right.

Angel Reese earned McDonald’s All-American honors in 2020. She made an impactful entrance to collegiate basketball. Joining the Maryland Terrapins as their highest-ranked recruit, she faced an early setback with a fractured right foot during her freshman season. However, she rebounded strongly, earning third-team All-American honors as a sophomore. Then she joined LSU. Her senior year saw her named SEC Player of the Year. On the international stage, Reese showcased her talents by aiding the United States in securing a silver medal at the 2023 FIBA Women’s AmeriCup. As of now, most recently, Angel Reese made waves with her performance in the DMV area.

Facing the Washington Mystics, she scored 16 points and grabbed 11 rebounds, helping the Chicago Sky secure a win. This marked her third double-double of the season, putting her ahead of all other WNBA rookies. Reese also leads in rebounds, steals, win share, and PER, showcasing her all-around skills on the court. However, as the post on X was shared, fans are divided about who they admire most in this matchup.

Among the myriad of fans expressing their admiration, a few stood out with distinct perspectives on who holds sway influence. One vocal observer noted, “Angel has a bigger fanbase, most Sha’carri fans don’t even watch T&F, they just larp and bandwagon if she wins something.” This keen observation underscores Reese’s expansive following while shedding light on the transient nature of support for Richardson, suggesting that many of her fans engage in “larping” and bandwagoning, particularly after her victories. Interestingly, Reese boasts 3.3 million followers compared to Richardson’s 3.1 million, further emphasizing the disparity in their fan bases.

Another voice in the mix highlighted the current dominance of, “Right now Angel but when the Olympics come Sha’Carri will”. This observation acknowledges Reese’s impressive performances in the WNBA, which have undoubtedly captured the attention and admiration of many fans. However, it also anticipates a potential shift in the future, particularly when the Olympics approach in just 1 month. Historically, Sha’Carri Richardson’s prowess on the track during major events like the World Championships has captivated a broader audience, potentially leading to a resurgence in her popularity and influence.

A more balanced viewpoint emerged, “Id say its about even the fanbases crossover for them for sure” suggesting that the fan bases of Reese and Richardson intersect and overlap, indicating a shared appreciation for both athletes.

Amidst these varied opinions, one staunch supporter unequivocally labeled Richardson as “ the world champion,” recognizing her attainment of the championship title which solidified her status as the fastest woman. This accolade underscores Richardson’s undeniable impact, acknowledging her remarkable achievement and the lasting impression she has left in the track and field.

Finally, a concise assertion reaffirmed Richardson’s dominance, “Carri n it’s not even close” with a resounding declaration that the competition between her and Reese is not even close. This sentiment encapsulates the fervor of Richardson’s most ardent supporters, who firmly believe in her prowess and influence.  So, what’s your take? Who do you think has more influence? Comment below and let us know your answer.

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