(VIDEO) “A ROBBERY!” Boxing Pros REACT To Ryan Garcia vs Devin Haney

Controversial Officiating Mars Garcia vs. Haney Bout: Boxing World Reacts

The highly anticipated showdown between Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center promised fireworks.

But it was marred by controversial officiating that left both fighters and the boxing world reeling.

“A ROBBERY!” Boxing Pros REACT To Ryan Garcia vs Devin Haney

The clash, touted as a battle of titans, ended with Garcia emerging victorious via a majority decision, but it was the officiating that stole the spotlight and ignited a firestorm of criticism.

From the outset, fans were treated to a spectacle as Garcia unleashed a ferocious assault, catching Haney off guard with his speed and power.

However, it wasn’t long before the referee, Harvey Dock, intervened with what many saw as questionable decisions.

In the seventh round, Garcia landed a devastating blow that sent Haney staggering, only for Dock to deduct a point from.

Garcia for punching after he had demanded a break. This decision immediately raised eyebrows and set the tone for the rest of the fight.

Garcia himself expressed frustration with the referee’s actions, claiming that Dock allowed Haney to hold him excessively, impeding his ability to capitalize on his momentum.

The point deduction, according to Garcia, robbed him of the opportunity to secure a knockout victory in the seventh round, a sentiment echoed by many observers.

The controversial officiating didn’t end there. Throughout the fight, there were instances where Haney appeared to be significantly shaken, even falling to the canvas, yet the referee ruled them as slips rather than knockdowns.

This further fueled the narrative of biased officiating, with many questioning the referee’s judgment and integrity.

The boxing world erupted in outrage following the bout, with prominent figures from the sport weighing in on the controversy.

Sports presenter Stephen A. Smith lambasted the referee, calling his performance “absolutely terrible” and accusing him of favoritism towards Haney.

Smith’s sentiments were echoed by American commentator and entrepreneur Patrick Bet David, who described the officiating as “unreal” and “horrible.”

Even Garcia’s own father, Henry Garcia, didn’t hold back, expressing his disgust with the referee and the judge who scored the fight as a draw.

His impassioned outburst highlighted the frustration felt by many, who believed that Garcia’s dominant performance warranted a clear victory.

On social media, the outcry was deafening, with fans and pundits alike venting their anger and disappointment at the perceived injustice.

YouTuber Showbiz the Adult criticized the referee’s handling of the fight, accusing him of trying to “rob” Garcia of a deserved victory.

Showbiz highlighted the referee’s failure to issue a warning before deducting a point from Garcia, as well as the judge’s decision to score the fight as a draw despite Garcia’s clear dominance.

The controversy surrounding the officiating overshadowed what was supposed to be a thrilling showdown between two of boxing’s brightest stars.

Instead of celebrating Garcia’s impressive victory, the focus shifted to the referee’s questionable decisions and the potential impact they had on the outcome of the fight.

Looking ahead, there are calls for a rematch between Garcia and Haney to settle the score once and for all.

Whether or not this rematch will come to fruition remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: the controversy surrounding the officiating of their first encounter will linger in the minds of boxing fans for a long time to come.

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