50 Cent Estranged Son Marquise Argues $6700 A Month Child Support Wasn’t Enough

50 Cent’s son Marquise Jackson is 25 now so he doesn’t get any child support from his famous dad anymore.

But he certainly used to.  In fact, 50 made a big deal of counting down to Marquise’s 18th birthday when Fif would be free of the $6700 a month he was paying his mom Shaniqua Tompkins for child support.

During a chat with Choke No Joke, Marquise argued that the $6700 wasn’t enough and that 50 was a bad dad for not giving him and his mom more.

50 Cent’s son says his dads $6,700 a month child support payments wasn’t enough money to live off in NY. pic.twitter.com/yE9eqMYx2s

— Rap Updates Tv (@RapUpdatesTv) October 6, 2022

“6700 a month in the state of New York, you do the math,” Marquise complained, adding that because of all the beef 50 had he could only live in certain, expensive, neighborhoods.

Choke countered that he could live big when he stayed with 50, but when he stayed with his mom it was only fair that he had a more middle-class existence.

Marquise didn’t agree and said he would have done things differently.

Choke no Joke interviewed 50 Cent’s son Marquise jackson 1 month ago & he said 6700 a month in child support is NOT enough pic.twitter.com/TDmuYsWrrh

— 2Cool2Blog (@2cooI2blog) October 6, 2022

“If I do have a kid and we do separate, my child will be living better than me.  100 percent.  That’s my possibility.  I don’t give a f*ck if the n*gga hate me.  I brought you into this world,” Marquise concluded.

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