Breaking News: Jason Kelce in Floods of Tears as He Beholds His First Adorable Son in Tears with Over Joyed Wife Kylie Kelce

The wife of Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce posted an adorable new photo of the couple’s newborn daughter, Bennett, 3 months old.

Wrapped in a white graphic blanket and with her hand tucked under her chin, Bennett sleeps peacefully in pink pajamas.

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“Naps with Dad,” Kylie captioned the image, pointing to a picture of a bearded man resembling Jason on the blanket.

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Kylie previously made headlines when her husband revealed that at 38 weeks pregnant, she was planning on bringing her OB-GYN with her to the Super Bowl, which was dubbed the “Kelce Bowl.”

Kylie and Jason’s daughters and her parents were also in attendance at the game.

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“That could be a super Kelce Bowl.

If she has a baby in the stadium, it’s officially scripted,” Jason joked during an early February episode of his and his brother’s podcast, New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce.

I don’t think in his life, Jason ever assumed that he would be the father of three daughters,” Kylie told PEOPLE.

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“He would always be like, ‘No, no, we’ll get a boy. We’ll get a boy.’ And I’m like, ‘You got to stop challenging the universe. Stop saying it because the universe is like, ‘Yeah, okay,’” she chuckled.

“It’s been amazing to see him sort of transformed from only having a brother, not having any first cousins, so really having like no experience with little girls.

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And now, he is absolutely head over heels in love with his daughters, and they feed that back to him tenfold,” she added.

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