Travis Kelce Announces His $6 Million Kansas City Mansion As ‘permanent’ Home For Taylor Swift, As He Reveals She Is Not Returning Back To Nyc Again

Travis Kelce Opens $6 Million Kansas City Mansion as Permanent Home for Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce, the renowned Kansas City Chiefs tight end, has made headlines once again, this time for his announcement regarding his lavish $6 million mansion in Kansas City.

Kelce revealed that he has designated this opulent residence as the “permanent” home for his girlfriend, none other than the iconic pop sensation Taylor Swift.


The announcement comes amidst speculation about Swift’s future plans and living arrangements, with Kelce shedding light on her decision to bid farewell to New York City.

As Kelce continues to dominate the football field, he ensures that his personal life remains equally captivating.

Recently, he took his powerful $140,000 Hummer for a spin, demonstrating his penchant for luxury and style even in mundane tasks like commuting to practice.

Kelce’s absence from the Chiefs’ lineup for nearly two weeks has raised questions among fans, particularly after he sat out the team’s final regular-season game against the Los Angeles Chargers.

However, with the Chiefs securing their spot in the postseason, the decision to rest key players like Kelce and Patrick Mahomes was a strategic one aimed at preserving their health and readiness for the playoffs.

Despite his temporary hiatus from the field, Kelce’s personal life continues to draw attention, especially with Swift by his side.

First look at Travis Kelce's $6m secluded Kansas mansion as girlfriend  Taylor Swift looks to add to $80m property empire | The Irish Sun

Swift’s presence at Kelce’s games during the festive period has not gone unnoticed, with the pop star accompanying her beau to witness both victories and defeats.

While she observed the Chiefs’ loss to the Las Vegas Raiders on Christmas Day, she celebrated alongside Kelce as they secured a victory against the Cincinnati Bengals on New Year’s Eve.

Swift’s schedule has been a topic of speculation, particularly regarding her upcoming tour and her whereabouts between performances.

While she has returned to New York City for the time being, Kelce’s revelation suggests that Swift has no plans to revisit the bustling metropolis anytime soon.

Instead, she is expected to spend time at Kelce’s luxurious mansion in Kansas City, basking in the comfort and serenity of their shared abode.

Amidst the buzz surrounding Kelce and Swift’s relationship, Chiefs officials have been hard at work preparing Arrowhead Stadium for upcoming events.

Haberler: Travis Kelce-Taylor Swift çiftinin aşk yuvası! Milyonlar  harcadı... - Magazin Haberleri - Milliyet

Photos capturing the diligent efforts to clear snow from the stadium’s surroundings highlight the dedication of the team and its staff to ensure optimal conditions for players and spectators alike.

As Kelce and Swift navigate their personal and professional lives, their relationship continues to captivate fans and media alike.

With Kelce’s mansion serving as a luxurious retreat for the couple, and Swift’s unwavering support for her beau evident at each game, their love story unfolds amidst the glitz and glamour of the celebrity spotlight.

As they embark on this new chapter together, fans eagerly await glimpses into their life behind the scenes, where love, luxury, and football intersect in the heart of Kansas City.

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